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This doesn't seem like something that FN can patrol or control.

Also, with the current existence of descriptions, tags and you being able to add watermarks to your work it doesn't really seem necessary.

To be honest though I've never really understood the issue with reposting anyway, just make sure to include your name CLEARLY on your art [not just a signature that many won't be able to read] and maybe even a link to your gallery [you could always add a border around your pieces like a frame and place the info there.]

Yes, you don't have a say in where your art is being posted, which sucks, but at least it's free advertising if you do your part.

I know I'd appreciate longer names ^_^

Chose Akinokaze here because with the character limit Akinokaze Haruichiban only allowed Akinokaze Harui or something like that.

Pretty sure age ratings differ wildly between differing forms of media, pretty sure the rules that apply to movies do not directly apply to videogames, books or comics, let alone art [and that's before you even get into different regions.]

Not only that, but in many [all?] cases, age ratings systems like that are entirely optional and not enforced by law.

PG-13 is far too nebulous, the only even particularly valid guidelines to follow are for what automatically class something as 18+ because that's more of a legal issue.

Hell, I don't know if this is still the case of not but take comics for example. When Circles came out the rules were that if it dealt with homosexuality it automatically got an 18 rating [even if it would be classed as G if it was straight.]

[Meant to place this as a reply here.]

This may sound silly at first but I think it could solve this really well visually and functionally:

Give comments and the art their own tab within a submission.

On tab 1 you have just the art taking up the full screen space, on tab 2 you have the comments [could also put the tags and description here perhaps.]

Doing this you have the maximum space for the image, it reduces data downloads for users by not needing to download user icons unless you open the comments tab, it leaves plenty space for a well formatted comment section.... just seems win win to me.

It would also make sure we don't end up with the FA situation where jerks post long strings of letters and completely bork up the page formatting XD

They could also implement it as an alternative form of the tagging system, give it it's own fields for creator credits and character credits.

I had that problem when I joined and uploaded my banner, but today it was working.

Perhaps it was a server load issue, a bug that has been fixed, or it just takes a few days.

My current issue is that I really don't understand what it is for as it doesn't seem to actually change anything.

I like them where they are, personally I find it works far better on landscape viewing.

If comments were to be moved under the submission I feel that should only be if viewing in portrait mode [either on a portrait angled monitor, or on mobile devices.

We can still see the image fullscreen by clicking on it, the current way seems much more effective for touchscreen device use to me than FA's system.

Both of those are allowed though.

This is actually an interesting question.

As long as there is nothing explicit going on [sticking to tasteful/suggestive] I don't think there would be a problem with it. Not when sex toys are allowed to be photographed.

This is definately in need of clarification, not only regarding murrsuits but any fetish gear such as some leather goods, harnesses, puppyplay gear, etc.

I'd disagree with saying that animated gifs are a gimmick. Some people like to create gif animations as art, I have a number of animated user icons, including pixel art ones in the style of the starfox character communication boxes.]

Absolutely. Transparency is a must both for preserving quality and potential functionality [if the artist loses their own files they may want to grab it from the site for use in other pieces or to create telegram stickers for example.]