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Content for a General Audience:
  • PG-13 only, meaning no visible genitalia, and no excessive gore or blood
    • minor amounts of blood are okay, but if in doubt flag it as Mature or ask a member of staff
  • No fetish artwork under General

ive seen maybe 2 pictures out of 3-5 pages I bothered to scroll through from the popular page that might belong in the mature rather than General category. I feel as if their current rules on this section while brief, are more than descriptive enough to get the point across.

I fail to see whatever issue you are referring to.

Not to mention a lot of those people have art on e621, which they CAN ask to be taken down.

So much for not wanting to be associated with a site having Cub, eh?

Generally 13-16 give or take, but this breakdown is all anecdotal And it all gets lumped into the same catagory either way.

true. their reasoning is Decent enough in the end for the ban. despite them saying on twitter, that is what the tag blocking feature is for.

But it could show an artificial Majority, or minority, when the thread was posted just about everywhere from FA to IB, and some foux 4chan sites. when everyone who did not have an account on the support threads, or in FN itself could vote on a topic. both on the OP, and on other posts in the topic as well. If this had came up before the final decision was made, i would have loved to see the thread remade and let to sit for a couple days to get a more accurate representation, but that will probably never happen.
And as for the babyfur comment...yeah. even a good amount of cub lovers arent too fond of babyfur. There is technically a difference between teens and younger. in fact...i'd say there are about 3 subsections of "cub lovers". Teen, preteen and babyfur. I am not familiar with those surveys, could you post one or two so I could have a look? I would like to see if they differentiated between "Cub" and "Babyfur".

I hate to be that person, but I cant help but wonder how much this effected the recent ah... "high profile ticket."