Your comments

honestly this would make the site look cluttered. I really hope this doesn't go through as it's ugly :(

as well the ability to remove a tag so it doesn't show up in that particular search

like what if you only want to see male characters. on post sites you type -female and then all the
items with female in the tag go away. it would be nice to have this basic function implimented onto FN

my one problem with this is that it would make the site "which is nice and clean in design" look cluttered and unorganized. IT would end up ruining this nice professional look that FN has at the moment. .

well no.

there are people who don't have the money for a large monitor. or people "like artist's you know, what the site is made for posting" Who will have the window on one half the screen while they work on their pictures on the other half

It's not just for cellphones. but for any screen with.

so. it's cool you have a large screen. but those of use who don't would get an ugly mess.

There's just too many things on one page.

personally I feel it just looks too cluttered

also. If you are trying to be taken seriously as a furry community. cub porn can tarnish that rather quick

please don't keep Cub porn on this site. Just please don't

leave Inkbunny for the cubs. Let the adults have Furry network