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So you don't click into an image to try and re-follow them?

Moot point. FN has decided to ban all furry pedophilia! YES!!

Let me guess ... since I can't edit it ... the downvote was because I support banning furry pedophilia ... aka cub from this site.

Just ban all furry pedophilia. Problem solved.

The issue is with people who don't tag and I wind up seeing content I find an anathema to my brain. If it's banned, I won't have to worry about ever seeing it. I have this issue on Pedobunny ... I'm there as a white-knight that tags and/or reports the garbage that the "artists" forget to. It happens, on average, about three times a week, and that's three times too many. I'd just soon as not use this site if FN decides to not ban the pedophilia.

It's just easier to ban all cub. We'd still have the issue of artists not wanting to use the site because it would **STILL** allow pedocub "art". If you want to view cub, go to pedobunny. I don't want that evil shit gaining a foothold here.

Honestly, Weasyl has the policy of NO CUB ART PERIOD and it hasn't hurt Weasyl in the slightest.

Oh? No download button? And I really like it ... and want to keep it on my hard drive? OK. I use firefox. I'll just snag the file from Alt+T-->Page Info-->Media button -->Find the file--->save

Done. Have a nice day.

Pedobunny does this as well.

2005 ... Yiffstar called ... they want their button back.