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What if the layout where the aspect ratio is represented in the thumbnail is default but the square layout is available as an alternative for those who preferred it in that way?

Perhaps if both thumbnail types were available, everyone would be happy.

Soo if the aspect ratio thumbnails and the hover over feature are both implemented, the latter for devices that can use it, then everyone wins! The least they could do is let hovering over, like Weasyl and FA, work with certain browser addons that expand the image.

I use Weasyl and until now I didn't even notice they have it set up this way. I find this to also be most enjoyable to look at. This may be a separate topic, but I think it would be a wonderful addition if hovering over the thumbnail would display the height and width of the image.

As long as the squares around each image aren't there, It could look nice. The biggest advantage to having it be this way imo is if you're looking for a specific aspect ratio (desktop images for example), you'd know the image's native aspect ratio is just by looking at the thumbnail.

I enjoy emojis a lot as long as they assist in the conversation in some way, but stickers are even better! As long as users are able to choose to set custom shortcuts to insert a particular emote/sticker, I would love to see this added.

The shouts would probably be able to be turned off if you wanted them to be. As for the Twitter integration, it's an interesting idea. I can see people disliking it because it'd be forcing them to get an account they may not necessarily want otherwise.

my bad: [![alt text](IMAGE WEB LINK "Image title")](

As they have it now, you are able to; it's just a bit trickier. To link it this way, you'd use an image link like this: