Sticker Emotes!

Roo 8 years ago updated by Miyuni Doxaei 8 years ago 6

Allowing sticker support for uploading your own set of emotes to be able to use in comments! Similar to how Telegram uses them :) This would be SUPER cool on an art oriented web site, especially with how popular sets of (Telegram)Stickers are right now!


I LIKE this idea! But I think putting a size limit would be good.
like maybe 100x100 or 200x200

something that wont be too big and overload everything

I agree, maybe a cross platform support like with telegram? Or importing from there?

This is actually a nice idea! It would also be good to be able to chose from a default set of stickers that are available to all, for users who don't have or want customized stickers.

And I'm absolutely for a size limit! Something like that should be a cute, nice, little gimmick and not some opulent, site-distorting distraction!


I dislike this idea.

I feel like implementing sticker emotes will further reduce the potential for meaningful conversation and connection between members, especially with how limited the functionality of comments are presently.

i disagree, I think it will only help to add more reasons for having a conversation. Who made that sticker, how cute that character is, wow that's so cool, etc etc

I enjoy emojis a lot as long as they assist in the conversation in some way, but stickers are even better! As long as users are able to choose to set custom shortcuts to insert a particular emote/sticker, I would love to see this added.