Your comments

I consider shouts pointless and just clutter a page.

On that note, I want to be able to control what I see on the feeds. I don't need to see what the artists have published because I already get that in the What's New tab.

I believe that promotions should be exempt from this change, because otherwise, what is the point of promotions? besides, anyone who doesn't want to see their promotions would just not promote anyway. As for everything else? Yeah, I can probably see that.

I understand that the way things are set up now is to help artists get exposure, so that they might not be stuck in inpenetrable bubbles of obscurity (something I'm far too familiar with,) and I would prefer to keep it that way.

Why? No, seriously, why? No one ever asks this question. They are either immediately yes or no and then get entrenched by motivated reasoning.

Is it because you think it is immoral? There are a lot of immoral things presented in artwork (drug use, murder, prostitution, public lewdness, etc,) but there is no serious majority of people suggesting we ban those things.

Is it because it is illegal is some places? Take that line of logic to it's conclusion and we shouldn't be uploading anything. We shouldn't be on the internet. Furry itself can be considered a form of bestiality, and if you think the law won't try that, one of the reason's why the Comic Book Defense Fund exists is because prosecutors were trying to charge people with bestiality over Omaha the Cat Dancer. Furry porn is still technically illegal in my state. Should we acquiesce to them?

Is it because you think it encourages that kind of behavior? Will you say the same about violent video games and media? We've been down that road before. We've rejected it for the transparent bullshit that it was.

Is it because it will be harder for the site to get finances? PayPal doesn't like adult art at all. Thousands of furry, and not even just furry, artists break that rule with contemptuous frequency, and some have been punished for it. We already walk that line period.

is it because you think people will refuse to use the site? 1.) Of course they will. For any number of reasons. Furries are funny like that. 2.) The largest furry site on the net is always being boycotted for some reason or another. It has not put a dent in that site's dominance, and the boycotters, with few exceptions, always come crawling back to it. If you think we ought to be impressed by the moral sacrifices of those people, you haven't been in this community very long.

I can't see a logical reason to ban cub art. There are only emotional arguments, and emotional arguments are not valid.

We've been here before, and the conversation has always gone down the same way:

One side is against it, and uses false equivalence and special pleading to argue why this one and only thing cannot be allowed under any circumstances, ignoring how if you applied this same logic to literally anything else, people would rightfully call you a busybody moralizing dick for it (e.g. violent video games, D&D, string bikinis at the public pool, and so on and so forth) Let's not even get into the topic of how porn itself is ethically questionable and has debased the community, nooooooo, we might actually have to use logic instead of emotions.

The other side is for it, and thump their chests over the necessity of free speech and the evils of censorship, and always end up a hop, skip and a jump from Godwinning. They might be right...half-way so, but anyone who doesn't realize that this is a sticky undersized hill to die on is someone I really don't want to talk to.

To put it simply, both sides are assholes, and I want you both to shut up. I am so tired of this.

And to those people who keep saying that there are people refusing to come here because of the issue, I got something shocking for you: I don't care. This is the furry fandom we are talking about. People will refuse to use a site because the header is the wrong color. This is the community where half of the largest site on the web are always threatening to quit for one reason or another, every other month, and it is still there. I guarantee you, this latest kerfuffle will do absolutely nothing to it. You're not as important as you think you are! I would like to know where the hell they were when an actual accused rapist was being protected by the staff of that site, or how a convicted sex criminal is on the staff of that site, but I suppose that's alright so long as imaginary children weren't involved.

And about the financials, let's all be honest here: we mean PayPal. I got fucking news for you: PayPal doesn't like porn period. Many commission artists have had their accounts locked because they were using it to sell adult artwork. PayPal is a moralizing, pontificating bully who will happily steal your money just because you happened to draw a dick, no matter the supposed age of the character that dick was attached to. Their policies are not relevant to this discussion.

So, for all the pushy bullies here trying to muster up their bandwagon, here is where the bandwagon is really going: the majority of users do not care! You might drag in your anecdotes about who and such I never heard of before will refuse to use the site for such and whatever, but the vast majority of users will not care. They won't even notice. If they see something they don't like, they can block it. I know: I have already blocked a handful of tags which I wish desperately I could use on FA. If you can't do that, I'm sorry, you're given up the privilege of being considered a mature person by me, and by anyone who wants to approach this topic seriously.

In short, take your crusades, and shove them up your ass. Considering who I am talking to, you all would probably still have room to spare. You have no business lecturing anyone about propriety.