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just only allow for SFW content? you can easily change that

I think a better version of this, for people who are disturbed by the creepy vibe of this, would just be 'don't let artists see I fav stuff' as in don't give them a notification. I'd rather not know than be told somebody I can't be aware of is collecting my work, because that makes me very uneasy.

this is a separate site like the FAforums, didn't you have to register for it too?

i have this issue on my second character's gallery, i have 3 submissions but only 1 shows

I do get the basic concept behind the black, like I said, but it doesn't work for ArtStation either. It makes everything feel very cluttered imo, not a great neutral for being a BG behind artwork either. DA, while a mess, is a good example of having neutral tones but not sticking to black and white. They've got a lot of warm greens.

Old Oekaki boards are a great example also of the various coloration themes they could try, a lot of them would have up to 15 different options but none of them would be harsh or distracting.