Your comments

You are pointing out the obvious. When we say we want HTML we don't say to just add a text field where anything goes... Come on... Obviously we mean a proper solution, just like thousands of websites have that allow HTML.

Also, this is pretty damn standard, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

If you open that link you will see comments and descriptions are forced into that small area on the left, just like FN right now. This is what may work for AS but is not suitable for the furry community.

Everyone who comments and votes here, please support the other ticket because this one got completely derailed by pointless arguments, and also the title I wrote in an annoyed state and that I could not change later attracts several downvotes.

You are not contributing to this issue, all you do is picking on us for asking for something you personally don't feel the need for.

What is your goal with this? We asked for more options because we need it and because Markdown failed us and you are trying to prove us that we don't need more... why? Why can't you just accept, that we DO have a need you don't?

"If formatting is somehow preserved, then crazy fonts may be preserved too."
- This now just proves that you don't know what you are talking about. There are two ways formatting can be preserved:

  1. Text is formatted with tags in the first place. This is my case, and this is the case of several other people who commented here: We ALREADY have our texts formatted with BB and/or HTML, but instead of just copying them, we are forced to rewrite them to MD, in which process lot of formatting gets lost and many things we could do in BB/=HTML cannot be done in MD, or at least requires hours of hair pulling and screaming to figure out.
  2. Formatted text is pasted from rendered HTML, Word or other sources into a WYSIWYG editor - in this case only formatting in the editor's set of tools is preserved. If there are no "crazy" fonts in the editor they won't magically implement themselves.

Besides, your crazy font argument is not an argument at all, just bullshit. Or, more precisely: and

Also, one final time: Stop constantly bringing up writers like this all was solely about story submissions. It is NOT. These features are needed for EVERYONE and NOT only writers.

People please vote for this so it gets dev attention - then we can start a proper discussion with the devs instead of arguing amongst ourselves.

Forget stories already! I've said many times and I say again: These features are needed by EVERYONE and NOT only writers!

Complex formatting can be essential in submission descriptions, info pages (journals) and the commission info page.

"Reasons like "I don't need it, but maybe somebody needs it, or maybe I'll need in the future" are bad reasons. And your "quoting poems every day" reason is just this"

- Stop misrepresenting my arguments please.

I've wrote it many times, I'll do it again for you:
- Markdown is completely incapable of the complex formatting I need
- I DO NEED several formatting options BB/HTML can do and Markdown can't. I've mentioned several examples such as complex submission descriptions with various information, and formatting the content on the commission info page where complex ordered data, categories and other things may be placed.