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Alright, the current work-around, for those interested, is to create a random character, change it to your default, delete your character, then change your e-mail to a throwaway e-mail and make a jumbled password to lock yourself out.

Which is kind of weird. But I guess it gets the job done. Kind of a shame they'll have a bunch of random user names that can't be deleted on their servers, but that's what was suggested.

I 100% second this. This is actually what I was coming to suggest. Markdown doesn't have any support for italics, it seems! Plus, I see this comment section has formatting options the story section does not. That seems strange!

A WYSIWYG editor would be particularly helpful because I'm usually copying from a text document and pasting to the editor. As it stands, all my formatting is removed, from indentions to italics to special line breaks. That means I have to go through my story and re-add all that back in, which is a pain when every site I upload to has a different way of dealing with it (markdown on one, bb-code on another, html on a third). None of them keep the formatting. Being able to do that would save me a lot of time when I need to make edits across all three sites.