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I prefer artistname_submissiontitle_date_uniqueID

I disagree with date first as it's rare I want to look at what all happened at a specific time. Personally I like grouping things by artist.

Think of it this way. I know an artist I like, so I go looking in my art folder for their stuff. Artist name first lets me do that easily. Now say they've produced a comic I like, so I have their submissions ordered by title under their name so I can view the entire comic without the need for folders.

The addition of a date is there for people who want to know that.

The unique ID at the end, instead of the beginning like FA (which is really annoying to strip off), guards against same file submission names, which happens a lot.

Some people love shouts, some people hate them.

They're nice in that you can leave a little message saying thanks or something positive.

They're annoying in that they become spam messages a lot of the time with row after row of "Thanks for the fav!"

If you do implement shouts I would suggest a few things:

  • Don't call the section "Shouts", I would recommend calling the section something like "Bulletin" to discourage spam. Or better yet, give the page owner the ability to change the title of the section.
  • Toggle: Give the page owner the ability to hide or show this section
  • Give the page owner easy edit ability to remove any message posted there
  • Let the page owner block specific users from being able to post there
  • There should be a description message close to where a user enters a message with the page owner's guidelines for posting there. I'd love to be able to put something like "Please do not spam this section with 'thank you's for favorites, thanks!"
  • Give the page owner the ability to move this section to the side (goes along with all the requests for multi-column layouts) instead of showing these inline with the rest of the feed.

I just noticed this today as well.

Adding time filters like "Daily", "Weekly", etc. would be awesome!

So glad this will be a thing, it's so very important.