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Apologies for my shortness earlier, but it should be as simple (and I know things rarely are so simple) as having a sort number assigned to each submission, rather than an upload date (sort in management is in upload order) and a published date as the only options for sorting. On the database end, it really should be as simple as one field for gallery sorting (it may require more thought to allow sorting of folders, however)

As noted by Vas and Difetra above, the "publish all drafts" option is buggy and appends everything to the end of the gallery, rather than the start as a standard Publish option does.

So let's start a proposal here!

  1. Users should be able to organize their gallery as they wish, and they should be able to do so at any time.
  2. This should be implemented in such a way as to minimize the impact on the current database, while also retaining the current sort data for existing submissions until their users change them.
  3. Add a new table that links each submission and folder (allowing different sort orders per folder) and adds a new field for the sort order to each submission+folder combination.
    1. The sort order field is basically invisible to the user. It is manipulated entirely by a UI that manages the value behind the scenes, but basically, the lower values represent older submissions, sorting them later in the view.
    2. The UI that manipulates sort order is added to submission management. Near the top of each submission are two new buttons: "Move Up" and "Move Down" which will flip the sort order value for the current entry and the one adjacent to it in the listed direction. Either of these buttons may be greyed out if there is no submission in the relevant direction.
    3. Optionally: Add "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" which will regenerate the entire folder's sort order with the submission in the desired position.
    4. Desirable: Include functionality to "Reverse Order" and "Move in Order" (which should be a default) for multiple submission selections.
      1. Reverse Order will take only the sort numbers selected in an array sorted ascending, and will reverse that array. Thus {5,6,21} would become {21,6,5}
      2. Move in Order will preserve the order (ascending) of the selection while placing them all together and in order relative to the lowest sort order value: {5,6,21} would Move In Order "Down" to {4,5,6}
      3. Desirable: Move Relative would do the same but maintaining the offset between the pictures {5,6,21} would Move Relative "Up" to {6,7,22}
    5. The new table is automatically filled with the current sort data based on the datetime when the image was first published.

This approach ensures that each folder can have its own sort, distinct from the sorting of the gallery as a whole, it minimizes the impact on the database structure by minimizing the necessary additions, and it makes the experience relatively intuitive and transparent to the user. The only thing more desirable would be allowing drag-and-drop sorting of thumbnails instead of a button-based interface on each submission...

This is not sufficient. While it is certainly helpful at the time of first publishing a piece, this does not allow users to re-organize their gallery or folders after images are first published. I appreciate the option other sites have to re-organize some or all of my galleries, whether limited to folders/collections/pools or in general, and I would appreciate a proper solution to this.

The only category I can think of, after a Crafts category, that I can see a particular value for would be Models. This would be another non-technical distinction, but possibly a significant one for those who work on 3D artworks, whether physical or digital. If we were limiting it to only Digital, it might, alternatively, be called "Renders." Assuming the minimum necessary, this would allow 3D artists to share their art as a product, not just a final image.

This would pair well with the other under review concept for multi-submission posts (Collections, Galleries, Series, or whatever they might be called):

So, two and a half years along, and where is this? Is it stalled? Is it never coming?

I've only started using this site relatively recently, but the lack of an option to do something literally every other curated gallery site has to update images is bothersome. I like to update sketches to inked lineart, and WIP posts to finals as I'm able to do so. On FA, I can replace the file. On SF, I can replace the file. On IB, I can add a new file to a submission gallery and sort them as I like. But here, I have to make a brand new submission or stick with the old sketch or WIP image.

You guys have a wonderful interface, and I like this site, and this would just be a great option to tie the whole thing together in terms of letting users curate their galleries.