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I'd prefer if this site remained inclusive. Banning stuff that we don't like and find morally wrong isn't going to get us anywhere.

Also, if we're going to ban cub because it's a depiction of an illegal act, why aren't we banning rape? Gore/Snuff? Bestiality? If you don't like something that's allowed on here, you don't have to use the site. You HAVE options.

I agree with all of this. Some folks will be angry that they're not outright banning stuff from being allowed, but this is the best way to make this an inclusive site while not forcing content that people might not want to see down their throats.

It's not just Europe, I've been having this happen since the beta first launched and it's been the most annoying bug I've experienced by far. I've been hoping for a fix for quite some time now. +1'd