Your comments

Nice, thorough description of how to address the problem. I think Drag and Drop should be doable considering the UI already seems to have the built in, just not being utilized. As you said, though, nothing is ever as simple as it seems it should be. All that said, man, this has been moldering for years now with zero response so I'm not expecting anything to come of it.

I went through the painful process of removing images and reuploading and reposting them one at a time. Same problem-- just would not show in the order I wanted.

Yeah, someone told me that this was fixed and while there are a few other improvements, I still don't see anything changed about this one and it's the main reason I won't use FN. It's just not representing my work well.

Can someone tell me how characters/profiles appears to the other furries? I'd like to keep my NSFW and SFW stuff strictly and completely separated, have one open for public access and the other strictly members-only. Can you do this with profiles or should I have two separate users. I don't want a guest to be able to see in a list or something that I have other naughty characters.

Has this been looked at? I'd like to be able to move files between character accounts too.

This is still a big, big deal in why I am discouraged from using FN. I tried moving everything to drafts and back again, in chunks, and it still fucks up the whole order of my gallery showing the old shitty stuff first. I've tried using the profile section for displaying recent stuff but it either doesn't show up at all or if it does it's still showing old stuff (despite picking 'recent' option). I recommend a user interface where there's a list of piece titles with arrow controls to move pieces up and down. If you want to get fancy, it could be drag and drop of thumbnails (not tiles-- too big if you have a lot of submissions). Another way around it would be to provide "date created" field and make it an option to sort by that. Get it fixed and I'll be on here a lot more.