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Sorry, I explained poorly. I did submit the comment to the blog post, assuming that I would be taken to a page where my comment and others' would be visible, but I wasn't able to see any comments to the post, not even my own.

Firm beliefs can change. When I spoke to Narse at BLFC before the beta launch, he seemed to believe pretty firmly that they'd deliberated sufficiently on the subject and the decision to simply not step into morality arguments or censorship was the correct route. I will continue to hold out hope that the desire to not be inconsistent and hypocritical in principles will come back to them and outweigh the decision to cave to censorship and hatemongering out of fear. When you invite people to your community even when they demand you exclude others, they have every reason to believe you're okay with people demanding the exclusion of others, and aren't likely to be full happy with just this exclusion.