Your comments

I'm not convinced this is a good idea. You still need a verified authentication platform. If it is phone or an E-mail, if someone gains acces to it, they gain acces to all the webpages you are registered to. It's almost like using the same password evrywhere.

This is a great idea. Perhaps a checkbox "This message contains sensitive information" next to a send button would be sufficient.

I really like theese ideas, but I feel like they are not presented very well. First of all, I would suggest creating separate toppics for each idea - checking if someone's idea is already posted wouldn't have to include reading throught evry "couple of ideas for this site" post.

Secondly, I feel you provide lots of unneccesary information (such as google+ no porn policy, how moderators/owners work in communities) and sometimes not being entirely clear on what do you want. Try giving your text more structure and start with the most important things and then work down to the details (ie. what exactly it is, how would it work and then why it would be usefull) The only suggestion which I understood on the first read was 3rd suggestion.

Tell me if you want me to be more specific. You have great ideas, but presenting them well is also important.

I don't really think this is that usefull. To achieve this, smply open the artist's page in new tab (click mousewheel instead of your left mouse or do Ctrl+left mouse button on windows - not sure about mac or linux)