Your comments

I'm still learning how to use this site and have yet to really look into the support aspect of the site, but I will say this:

As of yet, I haven't found a way to actually LOOK at my favorites or promos. I add things to my favorites because I like to go back to them, and because I like for people to be able to see 'oh so this is her taste in artwork, let me get into that action.' That's something that I think that dA and FA have done well, and I think FN has the potential to do something even better.

Maybe a combination of retweets+public favorites/promotes, but users should also have the ability to keep them private outside of promotes. Just seeing it on the feed is nice, but seeing the thumbnails of those pieces we've promo'd is what draws people in. It's eye-catching, it grabs people's attention more than just a text status. Not saying that there's anything wrong with the current format, but I think it has the potential to be improved and to outshine how other websites do things.