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it's not about the effort. The people who you're trying to prevent from having access are the ones who know all of the work arounds and they will use them.

So who is really being prevented? Regular fans who just want to store your stuff offline so they can see it easier.

From a perspective of copyright, I agree with you in principal.

From a perspective of an internet user, I have to disagree, also in principal.

When data is transmitted on the internet, that data is already contained on the user's computer. Using methods to trick users into thinking that they can't have access to images that are in their web browser offend my better sensibilities. There's dozens of apps, and methods to grab images from the screen, so removing the download button won't actually do anything but inconvenience people, and not very much.

If you don't want your art shared, watermark it. Or better yet, sign it in a distinctive and clear way. And be sure your signature can't be easily photoshopped out.

You merged my request into this one, but my request was completely different. Mine was about the tag blocking feature. Just to be clear.

This would be a great way for people to search for fursuit makers.

It's a question of censorship. If people cna't legally view a website then they are solely responsible for viewing that website.

You're talking about inconveniencing the majority of furry fans who live in America because of the problems of a minority who live in more oppressive countries. That doesn't seem fair to me.

"Just another IB", That remains to be seen. Inkbunny seems to me the go-to place for stuff which is not allowed on FA, which is mostly really terrible art of questionable moral content.

FN is poised to be a replacement for FA. If that happens the majority of content will be higher quality and of other subjects besides raping cubs and diapers and what-not. So I dont agree that it would turn into "Just another IB".

if you're trying to be taken seriously as an art gallery website, censorship can tarnish that rather quick.

The legality depends on the courts, and courts have ruled that drawn artwork is not child porn.

your twitter feed isn't anything to go by. People tend to associate with like-minded people on social media.

The number of users who will leave because of moral outrage is probably very small. This site looks to be the best website for furry art amongst the available choices, and because of the tag blocking tool, I imagine most will be satisfied.

If it wasn't such a great website already, if it was Just Another FA Clone, then things would probably be different, but so far this site has the best features and best development team of all the available choices and I think that is going to matter most to the majority of users.