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"scrolling to the bottom of the page seems to be working now without any workarounds"

Same here, but somehow still doesn't work for me if I have the downloaded files bar open and page zoomed.

You can just resize the windows, instead of the resolution itself, I think.

Vertical resizing works for me though... it's a problem for some resolutions. Adding or subtracting even 1~3 pixels may make the issue go away or appear again...

Also when I set the zoom to 100%, this issue goes away. Maybe this is a bug in how rounding is treated for "bottom detection" in zoomed pages.

According to Artex below, this might be just resizing the page height which fixed the issue for me...

I am experiencing the same problem in Chrome, but I found that

1) if you've just downloaded something and the downloaded files bar shows at the bottom of the browser, then scrolling down to the end or clicking on the "load more submissions" does not work.

2) if the downloaded files bar is closed, they work with no problems.

Can anyone confirm this?