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Guess not? I'll try.
It sounds like it will be kind of like a gallery of all of the art the people you follow have favorited.

Personally I would rather pick who's favorites I see, a few of the artists I follow places favorite things that I find disturbing.

From what I've seen some people just favorite everything an artist posts, not caring or enjoying skill and effort, so with this system they would just 'promote' everything the artist makes instead. Which is just as worthless unless the artist only cares about numbers.

Also why wouldn't I promote a picture of my favorite cartoon character? If I thought the person drew it well enough to 'favorite' it then they also drew it well enough to 'promote' it.

I would think the only things people wouldn't promote, that they like, are the things they don't want anyone (not even the artist cause who knows who they might tell) to know they like.

Since Weasyl has collections, and they are different than this, it might be less confusing if it was named Bookmark.

Everyone should be able to understand bookmarking.

So you don't like the other available art sites and decided to come here and try to get this site changed?

I agree the layout isn't good for an art site, but it seems like they are going for something different, more social media/art site.

It's amazes me how often I see this. 'I don't like this site and it won't change to suit me. A new site, lets see if they will change to suit me.'
Little improvements are fine, but if you don't like the site for what it is then either make your own art site or just live with it.