Set tag blocks/interests by rating

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A lot of perfectly chaste and adorable art involving young characters is tagged "cub." I want to block the porny/racy stuff while not blocking the G-rated art. Same with breast/vagina. I want to filter porn with those tags out, but there's plenty of SFW art involving characters with those tags that I want to see.

So how about a list of tags for each rating level?

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One thing you could do is simply turn off adult submissions entirely:


But... then I don't see any mature/adult art, that's a bigger cut off than just blocking one or two tags.

Ok, so, what if I'm ok with the tag "cub" in a SFW context and not in a NSFW context, but I love me my dragon sexy fun times? Replace "cub" with literally any tag (my Ink Bunny tag filter is HUGE, and three quarters of them apply to only images that are marked sexual).


I can see why this would be useful. I like pinup type art, and if a Mature type rating ever gets implemented I would bump my settings to allow it. However, there are some things that I don't want to see M/A art of that I like clean art of, such as fanart of a favorite TV show or videogame. Allowing us to block tags for certain ratings would allow me to block, say, mature Undertale art while still allowing me to see the clean Undertale art without having to forgo the pretty pinups.

How embarrassing. My autocorrect doesn't like apostrophes.



Yes, please.

Aside from the previous uses
This feature would let me do something simple like only get porn relevant to my sexuality, but not block EVERY PICTURE WITH A FEMALE in it

I think this is one of the areas that e621 excels at. I haven't used it myself, but apparently you can filter tag pairs. Eg. you could filter "female solo" to never show, or you could filter out every picture tagged female unless it had both "female" AND "solo."

(I realize the example isn't quite your particulars, just illustrated the feature better)