Make Feed page & User page more easily distinguishable

Varka (Spokesdragon) 8 years ago 0

The Feed page and User page are visually very similar - they both feature a feed of information and numbers/stats on the right hand side, as well as a "What is on your mind?" post creation thing. It's all to easy to end up wondering why you can't get to "inbox zero" on your user page - because it looks very similar to the feed page (which is the default view you get when visiting the site).

This could be improved by:

1. Adding a title to the right hand side, above the stats, eg "Your Stats".

2. Remove the "What is on your mind?" post creation form from the User Profile page.

3. Maybe consider changing the numbers shown on the User Profile page to a different color. Right now it's in "new activity blue", it might be better in "old activity grey".