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Ban [content type here] from Furry Network

Varka (Spokesdragon) 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0 13 duplicates

Hello all,

We've had a number of idea threads created on the support system, all in a similar vein, calling for the banning or unbanning of some content type from Furry Network.

We want to be sure we take the time to provide an in-depth response to these requests, and as such have collected them all here, on this suggestion thread.

Once things have calmed down a little, tempers are running a little cooler, and we've had a chance to draft up a full, detailed response to the concerns raised, we'll post it here.

During the rush to bring the support system under control shortly after we announced our recent content policy change, we mistakenly deleted two threads on this topic - and gave no indication of if they'd return - or if it was just censorship. To clarify, we'd like to address the concerns raised in them. Sorry we didn't make this clear from the outset.

Separately, we think that the support system is not well suited to contentious issues with "sides". It's great for mainly technical problems where all participants are judging comments on the basis of their technical merit, but it descends quickly into a "battle" between warring sides - something which is notorious for breaking down into name-calling rather rapidly - for more contentious issues such as site policy. We'll be working to to see if we can find a better medium for encouraging and facilitating feedback on policy-type stuff - as it's clear the support system isn't really cut out for the job.


Varka and the Furry Network team

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