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Actually no, I believe that you have missed my point, which was heavily bolded throughout my post. But that's ok, let's talk about the distinction between adults and children and how children perceive them.

Showing adults doing something is entirely different than showing children doing something. Children often see adults doing things like smoking and drinking and swearing all the time. Children often know the difference between things adults do and things children do and they draw a very strong distinction between these. They can still tell the difference between adults and children even in cartoons and animals. A child can tell that franklin is a child and his parents are adults. This argument isn't about cartoons and furries making children think something is ok, its about children seeing other children in dangerous situations in addition to being told by their abusers that it's ok because other children are doing it.

Most children worldwide are taught that adults can do things that children can't, and children are conditioned to assume that they can't do something until they see a child do it. That's why showing adults doing something and showing children doing something is an important distinction to make.

(Your reply also mentions minors getting access to adult images, which again isn't the point we are making here. But even if cub porn was allowed, it would still be behind an age lock. A child who lies about their age and gets around that restriction isnt something the site can really do anything about. Thats an entirely unrelated situation. While we are on the subject of being off subject, I am inclined to mention that images of incest between adults, gore/guro, bestiality, and snuff do not have a significant effect on the cycle of abuse. So they aren't covered by this situational argument; these are what blacklist tags are for.)

Alright. This is a long one, but it will explain why we should limit how many places this kind of art work should be available, so buckle up.

First off, To the people compairing it to homosexuality and art of other crimes: There is a difference. Our argument isn't simply "ban it because its illegal in my country"

Our argument is "sexual offenders have been known to use sexually explicit images of children to convince other children that whats being done to them is ok" this is our issue. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can tell you that cub porn is going to be even MORE effective at doing this because children enjoy seeing animals. And seeing young animals doing something makes children think it's ok, and it's not. This is an issue that can seriously hurt children, not only physically and emotionally, but also psychologically. Children aren't developed enough to understand what consenting to sex means. This is the cycle of abuse. Those children grow up and say "it happened to me and I was fine" and then they let it happen again and again. Not all victims survive, not all of us came out unscathed. We often deal with painful and lasting emotions and memories and psychological trauma that contributes to arise developmental disorders and a wide array of other mental illnesses that affect us our entire lives. I don't care if you personally like cub porn, I don't care if you draw cub porn, you do you. But just know that not everyone who enjoys it will be as innocent as you. So keep it to yourself or share it only with people you know won't be contributing to the cycle of abuse somewhere its already accepted. (IB) Banning uploads of this particular kind of pornography helps stop this cycle from spreading and can make the world a safer place for future generations.

Going back to the people grandstanding: Saying that we might as well ban anything that's illegal in any country, that's just an entirely wrong augment to make because not everything illegal is wrong, and not everything wrong is illegal. Yeah, being gay is illegal in some counties. That doesn't make it wrong. Abusing Children is legal in some counties, that doesn't make it right. If you are comparing these two things, or any two things like this really, then you are entirely missing the point and you might want to reevaluate the situation.

Easier access to pornography of minors allows abusers more opportunities to solicit children. Easier access to pictures of drugs and other illegal activities does NOT give you more oppourtunities to do them. You might argue that Adults in Rape pictures and other crimes may be another bannable offense, but rapists who target adults do not use these images to solicit their targets. So the images don't contribute to the cycle of abuse in a meaningful way, in fact many are produced by survivors themselves to help express the complicated feelings that come with being a survivor.

TLDR- keep fictional kids out of pornography to help keep real kids out of pornography.