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Ah, okay. So it's because it's "drawn more" in the fandom. That's the reason it should be banned.

It is down to the submitter to publish the correct tags.

It is also the responsibility of moderators to take action of reported submissions that fail to meet that criteria.

If a user continuously chooses to single out "cub" or "cub porn" in their tags, then it's as simple as a ban.

I'm sure "accurate tagging" is published somewhere in their policy.

I'd like to throw my 2 cents in.

Artists draw animal dicks. Sooner or later, laws will come out to ban cartoons of animal dicks, and then we're all screwed.

Now me, personally, am not a fan of cub porn. But I am not one to judge someone's interests.

Now let me list more things that is illegal in real life, that artists draw:

- Rape

- Murder

- Drug use

- Kidnapping

- Terrorism!

Just to name a few. So why single out just cub porn?

You can filter the tags: "cub", "cub porn" etc in Account Settings somewhere under Blacklist Tags.

It's not fair for you to go screaming and shouting that a particular kink should be banned, just because you don't like it. There are other people who will dislike the kinks you're into.

Isn't that what the "blacklist tags" feature is for?

Could have a toggle button that's only usable to those with adult settings enabled, that'll switch between SFW and NSFW, as long as the artist makes the price sheets exactly the same, with added adult parts.