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You mean Weasyl?

That's the only site I can think of which have a similar tagging system to FN.

Then again Weasyl did come before FN.

Nice to see the issue have already been dealt with, sort of.

Cub Porn will not be removed. People will just be required to tag their stuff correctly and people required to use the blacklist feature, just as things should be.

You do yours, I do mine.

Please don't take this into consideration Varka.

If you have to, just add a feature where you have to mark things as Rape, Cub Porn, Gore etc. And give people warnings before banning them if they fail to do so.

FN should't have to stoop low and give in to the demand of people because of their opinions or moral compass which varies all over the globe.

They should only do it when it comes to the actual laws in the specific area the site in located.

No, on the grounds that since Cub Porn is illegal and immoral, it should be removed from FN. Rape should be removed from FN as well.

People are quick to upvote anything supporting anyone against Cub Porn.

But its the opposite for anything else despite that being things considered illegal or immorally wrong. Including things like murder, snuff, gore, vore and rape.

Could you please make a few other ones to help ban Rape, Gore, Snuff, Bestiality, Homosexiality and Trandgender?

Or maybe the minority should be allowed, when the majority will more than likely never encounter it?

Its nice to see people wanna ban Cub Porn, because its illegal and morally wrong. But not Rape, goes to show what hypocrites everyone against Cub Porn are.

Good thing you mentioned Rape.

I move to have that removed because its morally wrong and illegal in almost every country, including where FN and FA is located at.

The concept is the very same, this is illegal/immoral and should therefor be removed, will so is this and should be removed therefor as well.

Don't like it? To bad.