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The more important question is, what are we looking for, when we browse "the open for commission section?" I think it's not the porn, it's mostly the style, but since some artist are so specialized in adult, I don't think it would be great, to force them to do a general one.

1 Solution great for style, but there are some, who especially interested in adult art, Commissioners and artist.

A general non adult price sheet would be the best option, you can ask the artist afterwards for examples or he can add a section like " also doing adult on request"


- you can see all sheets at once

- eventually mass on Pm's on the artist profile, asking for adult examples


-Transparency, especially for artist, who are specialized in adult art and costumer, who are looking for adult art (what about new users - would eventually follow to a spam on pms)

Also a the second solution with the "Content block warning" would be also a nice idea

the artist could create one Pricesheet and everyone could see it and it's on their decision, if they want to see an adult sheet or not.

the 2nd solution


-would be fine for since the artist posts one sheet everyone, who wants to see it can see it.

-the costumer can decide, which one he wants to see


-you have to click every adult sheet, when you are on general

So the 3rd would mean the artist has to double post his sheet.

When you change the filter to adult,the vernal sheets would be also shown, you have to change the filter to only show adult.


-you can see what you want, it's up to the users decision, also transparency


-can lead to double posting, since the filter isn't changed to only show adult. On adult you would see the general and the adult one, which would be a unnecessary double posting.

I have a 4rd solution you can split the commission sector in adult and general, so if you are looking for adult artist you click the adult section and find all the adult artists you want, with their sheets and a general one where you can look for general sheets.

-the artist mustn't double post his/her sheet (I think when you are online on adult you will see the sheet doubled the general one and the adult one based on the 3rd solution, which isn't necessary.


-Everyone can decide which he want to see, if somebody wants adult art, he will go to the adult section, the other one will go to the general section

-everybody can decide

-no double posting shown


-maybe lots of work for create the 2 sections and you can't see all sheets at once

So this would be my opinion, I would love to see the 3rd solution, but you have to change the filter, which could lead to the sections I was talking about.