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Just NO. Why? Look at FA.

Cons: Loading a page with 20 1Meg gifs on a mobile device will bog it down in no time. And burn through the data cap. In order to view a 100K artwork, have to download 20Megs of crap.

Lawsuits due to you know a user will upload a animation that will trigger an eplitic attack.

If you do implement this, please do the following:

Require a static upload in addation to animated. This is so one can either turn it on or off.

Require a 30 days seperation between the static upload and animation one. This will prevent one from creating several accounts and uploading 2Meg animation and commenting on artwork with all accounts, creating a 20Meg download for all users that veiw the artwork.

opt-IN, this will prevent lawsuits and complaints from new users bitching about chewing up there data cap.