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With the sheer volume of things we make as a fandom- fursuits, props, inflatables, sculptures, pottery even- I'd second this in a heartbeat. It's a thing. It's a big thing. And FN, far as I know, would be the first of these kind of sites to make that kind of categorization.

Personally I'd opt towards banning it mainly because of all the legal hangups and grey areas outside the US. I wouldn't have said this in, say, 2006, but Inkbunny's a thing. There's an established, quite successful art site for the cub stuff out there. Y'all wouldn't be alienating anyone too badly.

It got a little weirder for me. Uploaded an image with transparent parts and they appear white on thumbnails and black on previews. The inconsistency isn't a deal-breaker or anything but it DOES make it a little strange to look at.