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Simply being Cub+explicit/adult should be enough to separate it from cub+general. As far as money goes, people on IB still use paypal without issue. With Furry Network routing the money themselves, it should be even less of a problem

I'd be surprised if anyone apposed this idea. Hope they add something for physical crafts soon.

Sorry, but gonna need a source for this magical scenario that seems to have happened one time in the world.

You literally just finished a comic dedicated to bestiality and yet you're fighting to remove some other kink because you don't like it.

There's also an outlet for people that aren't ok with it. It's called Furaffinity. People can use that site.

Except its not CP, it's lines and color on a paper much like NC art is.

I'd rather them band Non-consensual art first if anything. With that said, I'm of the opinion that the we shouldn't be doing any blanket censoring.