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Seriously. I use the tag "significantotter" almost everywhere, but I can't here because of the limit!

The problem with my comment is that it was addressing two issues. Markdown's problem is that all of its features are designed for code documentation. Its simply not built for story submission. It doesn't have font size options, only header values. It offers only basic text altering in the form of obtuse symbols that are designed for text submitted from a plaintext file. It isn't built to handle stories that were developed in an advanced word processor like word or scrivener. You have to go through your entire story line by line to add in all sorts of quirky symbols and extra lines in order to try to force markdown to do something it was never meant to do - make a story visually appealing and easy to read.

The lack of end of paragraph spacing, indents, and other formatting options are just compounding problems.

Another super useful feature would be paragraph spacing. It is very frustrating to have to go back and add a new line in between each paragraph of your story because the site has no option to add space after a paragraph and doesn't do it automatically. Sofurry does this well. FN will never be able to compete with SF until the FN editor allows us to easily make the text readable with these options. Markdown was a terrible idea for story submissions. Markdown is only good for code and documentation.