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3. Adult content allowed in price sheets, with option for non-adult price sheet alternative. For users with adult submissions turned off, non-adult price sheet is shown.

I like this option the most, voting up comments that agree.

Edit: In addition to this, SFW and NSFW example sections would be ncie :)

Currently there is one account to login with and you can have 6 characters that you have on that one account. Then you can go to your account settings to change characters.

+1 for thourough description of what it would be like. I like the way this sounds.

Just throwing in my personal opinion,

I like the endless scrolling, but would love it if hitting back goes to where you left off. Currently trying to remember to open things in new tabs :(

Also, upvoting this though because even though I haven't had issues with endless scrolling, I think this should be added.