Your comments

As an artist, I'd prefer to know who favorites my work. If I notice a huge burst of favorites from someone, I could approach them to start a conversation with them. At the very least, I feel like if favorites remain anonymous then you shouldn't get notifications from it. It's not telling you really anything useful, besides someone out there likes your work. To me it's kind of a let down, because I can rarely put a face to it.

As a.. 'browser' of art, I like that it doesn't broadcast my favorites to everyone, but I'd still like to show support to the artists by letting them know I like it. It's hard to do so right now with the same anonymity because even a comment gets broadcasted to anyone watching you. Private messages are a possibility, but I feel like it could quickly become spam.

I feel like it would just be easier on all parties to let the artist know who favorited their work, but still keep it just between them.