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I had to fully redo a submission because for some reason the picture didn't load anymore, just the preview worked, I was amazed how did that happen since in the previous day it was fine, but yes, again, it would be great if I could just reupload the picture.

This thought came to mind as well, FA is literally a broken website for and I really wish I could make this one my main gallery but the lack of this option and others not joining for either that reason or just lazy as had me have IB as my main, here still hoping one day FN will be the main place for all furs to be, replacing how broken FA's website, community, moderation and management is.

This would come in really handy as I've had friends refuse to create an account here after asking me the pros and cons, the only con really is the lack of this option.

And yes, I can see the interface being a bit scary at first for newcomers but it is the most elegant and intuitive for me.

Exactly why I don't like e621 much, that should be a rule everywhere, only artists and character owner may upload said art, I did read FN rules and I was expecting that to be one of them, good thing too, all art I upload I paid for, offered a friend, got as fanart, also noticed the Request Take Down option which is nice, I wish FA had this, they really don't care, they'd rather let it slide than deal with it.

Good to know, I can't way to see how FN can become better, thanks again for you time and glad to be here ^^

Thank you very much for replying, I don't know how FA and IB work about submitted file change, if there are people out there abusing these that's just dumb, what's even the purpose, at first I deleted submissions and reuploaded on FA and IB, after noticing said option to change submitted file that made it so much easier, although I may have used it about 7 times it's still something I know it's there just in case something is wrong with any submitted art I may upload.

This is not really an optimal solution and would require moderators, but on e621 only 10 uploads can be done, a moderator will have to check them and clear, that said submission once cleared frees up one of the 10 upload slots again making the flood impossible, this could be applied to submitted file changes, again would require moderators.

Lastly, thank you for checking with the dev team, I barely started here with my actual character and already see you all care, keep up the good work, the site has a very clean and organized feel to it and I'm loving it so far.

I'm sorry for reviving this but it should be a feature, I don't see how it's abusive in any way, if anyone deletes a submission all favorites, views and comments on it will go back to zero, now this is not the cause in my case because I just imported everything from FA and noticed my animated icons don't work, no option to change the submitted / imported file makes me unable to upload a working version, result, I'd need to rewrite the submission info and tags, it's too much of an hassle right now but I might do it sometime later if those submissions don't get any favs and comments that is, I would love for this to be available, as far as galleries I've uploaded my art on, FA, IB, they have that option and despite rarely having a need for it I did use it for some pieces that I only later noticed where missing little details.