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Would be very nice to know what (if anything) is happening with this. I just had to delete an image and re-upload TODAY because I made an error and published the thumbnail file instead of the actual final image. Thank goodness I caught it quickly and didn't loose anything on it, but becauase I posted it with PostyBirb I had to make the same change on the other sites I use (Weasyl, FA, and DA) and all of them allowed me to just quickly and easily update my file. This site is the only one I had to actually delete my submission, reupload it and all of it's tags, description, and folder sorting. A major inconvenience to say the very least.

Thanks Neotheta. I have been managing my stuff from my mobile tablet, and didn't see that option on that device. On my desktop and mobile phone I'm seeing it.

Thanks again. <3

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