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Ah these are all very good points.

Obviously, if it were so simple, writers would not struggle on every new site they try to make their submissions the way they intend.

Would there be some way to have (though this sounds like a lot of trouble, and resources) maybe a custom browser-based word processor that is integrated into the text submission page?

I'm no coder, so please excuse my ignorance to some limitations posed by working in this space.

I have uploaded a mashup, if you are interested to hear the type of work that it entails.

I gave proper credit (and links) to the original artists.

Obviously this isn't representative of my shows that I do, as mashups are the most involved audio manipulation that I get into that isn't me producing music. But routines have a huge complexity to them which is offset by human error and sense of both time and quick, spur of the moment decision making.

Ah yes, this is all very true.

Hopefully groups are implemented soon. :)

I'm for this too, but maybe if it were hidden in the dropdown when you click your username.

Something about just having "Yo, you lookin at the NSFW submissions!" just sitting there out in the open makes me somehow feel guilty lmao