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Could it even conceivably be wrapped up under "Artwork?" It just seems to fall short as it stands right now - could there be a clearer distinction between art/objective photography and photography as art? There definitely needs to be a "3D" or "handmade object" inclusion either way. From my viewpoint, I don't really know where my work should go - I look at the Artwork category and see a lot of drawn work, and I look at photos and see pictures from conventions. Do you have a suggestion where you think this kind of work would fit as things are now? Of course every project here is technically a "craft" but I'm thinking even a sub-category for crafted works under the Artwork tab could satisfy the confusion here.

I have held off on uploading my fursuit work here for this reason - I'm not sharing photos as art, I am wanting to share art that I just happened to have to take objective photos of. Would love to see this included!