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You mean like, perhaps a drop-down on the right side column? Could work. From a design standpoint I worry about how crowded the layout could become if we're not careful. Depending how how delimited we want that drop-down to be, I could foresee that thing becoming really massive.

Hmm. Two negative down-votes but no comments. I'm wondering why people object to creating more comprehensive character profiles.

I did mention collaborations, and I found your idea suggestion just a few minutes ago. The two are related, I agree, and I'll read up a little more in depth on yours in just a moment. But while I agree the two deal with collaborations, my idea tackles multiple problems at once. It creates a


olution for commission works, duplicate files, duplicate tags, licensing, collaborative attribution, permissions and copyright notices all in one sitting.

I actually just submitted an idea earlier today that expands on this same premise and I offer several possible solutions.

Going to have to thumb-down this idea. Have we not learned the futility of adding such anti-features on the free and open Internet yet? I can guarantee you that removing such basic functionality is as effective as TSA is in protecting us on airplane rides. It makes people feel like they're safe, and that's it. It's more trouble than it's worth. I highly suggest your father get a Patreon and allow his fans to tip money to him whenever he uploads a new artwork. Music and video is no different than images. I can right-click on an image, so why should any other type of file get special treatment? Trust me, I can "weasyl" my way into the code deep enough to download an audio file. Or if that fails, simply opening up Audacity and recording my system audio while playing back the file allows me to bypass such anti-features. It'll just be a waste of time in the end.