Your comments

I really like this concept! I'm a big fan of the smaller banner. The current fullscreen banner just feels too big. I'm not a fan of how it only shows a sliver of the picture used and that has a fade to black at the bottom. You can't see the full banner unless you want to scroll up when you land on the users page. A banner that size in this concept is perfect.

I also like the placement of the follow, msg, etc. Favorites should totally be able to be seen! I have found so many artists just by looking through other people's fave's but if people don't want to share that then there could be an option to disable veiwable fave's or disable veiwable adult/mature fave's.

That middle section could be used to show what the user wants. The user could choose what they want to appear first. Like if they want to use it socially they could have their activity, shouts, journals, etc. Or if they want to show off art they can have their gallery appear first. If you wanted to look at one or another you could witch between them?