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I'm normally one to say "hey, as long as it's not illegal, and it's not being shoved in my face, go for it. As long as you are jerking off to cub and not actually going out and abusing children, I have no issue."

But, this is BECOMING too much of an issue right now. FurryNetwork has the potential to become everything the Furry Fandom needs it to be: a safe and secure, convenient website to hold artwork galleries and community interactions with modern features and staff that cares about it's users. It has the potential to become the face of the Furry Fandom in a way Furaffinity never could. Because of that, it is crucial to make sure that this website is as safe as possible for as many people as possible. Cub porn, regardless of it's legality in the USA, is still ILLEGAL in many other countries, not just to make/distribute, but also to view. It is considered child pornography, and allowing it on the site could result in people getting in to trouble further down the line. Yes, you could block the tags, but how often do people actually tag properly on sites like this unless it has a user-run "tag what you see" system? And are the staff going to be able to keep an eye on every single submission to make sure that if a piece of cub porn gets through the cracks that they can instantly put the tags on it?

No. I'm sorry to all the people who indulge exclusively in cub porn, but if that's your only reason for being here then you need to go somewhere else. There are plenty of furry websites out there that allow this sort of thing, so FurryNetwork doesn't need to become another.

If cub porn is just something that you enjoy then you can still benefit massively from FN despite not having access to that sort of material, but if you are in the Furry Fandom for no reason other than to jerk it to depictions of little kids being fucked then you are, in my honest opinion, part of what causes this fandom to have such a horrible reputation outside this community, and I'd feel much safer on FN knowing that the number of people like that is kept to an absolute minimum.

I want FN to become a community that showcases everything that makes the Furry Fandom great, not another borderline dark-web fetish site like e621.

So while I support your right to view cub porn as long as it is legal in your jurisdiction, I do not support it being on this site.

Tartii, you have my full support. I hope the FN staff changes their UAP in the favor of this cause.