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I figured that I should say something about this as well. I'm not into cub porn and those who are should see it as pedophile related art because it is. I don't care how someone tries to defend it but what I don't like is how people are just attacking cub porn and not anything else.

Just about ALL over the world owning gay art/porn or just being gay will get you jail time or depending on the country, death. EVEN in America being gay is very looked down on but one little community is fine with it. I don't like gay art. I fucking hate it and how its everywhere in the furry community but I don't see people complaining about how the rest of the world hate homosexuals and furries in general. How would you all like it IF I or anyone else opened up a furry site and banned ALL gay porn from being posted because of the people who don't like looking at it? I'm sure you all would have something to say about. What if my excuse was "I don't want another FA", making it seem like it is somehow a bad thing?

What about all the other shit people post like Rape, Gore, Blood, Drug Abuse, hateful imagery, or other related things that are just as illegal as cub porn. I don't know why people feel the need to 'protect the kids' but no one is trying to fuck your child. Yes, cub porn shouldn't be posted here because in America, it will get you jail time, even if its not real but if we are going to ban cub/child porn (lets be real, it is), then we need to ban ALL other porn that's not normal (christian) or straight. Lets see how long this site last if that happens.

This is a form of censorship and I hate censorship. People should be able to express themselves and not worry about being punished for it since most people here are into illegal things. No one chooses to like the fetish they have so don't sit here and act as if you are somehow better because your illegal fetish is more popular than someone elses illegal fetish.