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Deishido hit the nail on the head, cub porn and drawn CP can be used for grooming children by sexual predators, even if some cub porn artists intentions are innocent, that doesn't stop actual predators from using their art for grooming and making the child feel this is okay because the cute animal/cartoon child is doing it.

Rapists don't use rape art to groom rape victims because well a big part of being raped is not consenting to it. :U I mean you might make an argument that someone shows a rape/sexual abuse victim rape art to show them what happened to them is totally cool/normal/sexy but I feel like that's stretching it a bit (and note I personally am not fond of noncon/rape art but unless it's actually increasing rape victims then I don't know what argument you can have for it's ban unlike drawn CP which has been used in grooming).

Guro/gore art isn't used to groom murder victims to want to be murdered or dismembered.

Either way stay on topic, stop trying to compare Drawn CP/Cub porn to other morally sketchy art because that's not what this thread is about. Lots of Errors in Comparison fallacy going all around. Rather than saying "well if you think drawn CP should be banned why aren't you against x,y,z porn?" (and you're assuming they aren't because it isn't stated) vs defend why you think drawn CP/cub porn SHOULDN'T be banned from FN. You're trying to bring up a red herring and it's pretty petty.