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Thank you! The quick switching option also makes it a lot nicer than i'd have expected. No digging deep through settings and entering a password to change it! It's more of a "What do i want to see now." than "What is this account for." thing now, which is great!

Going with that "General/Mature/Adult" separation would be fine with me, it's what other sites have been using, and it's working well enough so far.

A good example of my problem with the current content rating is situations where you have refsheets that would show a sheath or be otherwise 'anatomically correct' without any arousal or anything to really make them 'adult' or outright qualify as porn. They still don't pass the "General" rating because there is visible genitalia, but they don't qualify as porn.

Another example is a lot of vore-related work. It's just an open maw, there's nothing that you wouldn't see in Saturday morning cartoons, but because it's labelled as a fetish, it ends up flagged as "Adult". I don't mind seeing that, or other mostly tame but still 'fetish' stuff, but i don't want to see outright porn.

In both cases, it's easy to filter those elements out if you have adult content enabled, but there's no current way to allow them if you have adult content disabled. And if you do enable adult content, there's no way to keyword-block porn effectively.

I'd want either a rating when above general but lower than porn, or maybe as another option, a way to white list tags that would allow them to bypass the content rating.

+1 to that. I don't want to see outright porn. But i'm fine with 'anatomically correct' art, or things that aren't clean enough to be g-rated, but still pretty far from deserving to be rated as adult content.