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It's already in polace, they just don't want to do the massive amount of work required to enforce it.

OK so if Cub is bad but snuff is ok I can fuck and kill whoever I want so long as it's not a cub? Sweet!

If rape, snuff, torture and other things are ok in art cub is too.

A tagging system is already in place they just don't want to put in the woirk required to enforce it.

They claim they are but I'd say it's a vast majority.

It's funny that one of the reasonings for this was that cub lovers are a minority. XD

Ok well as an abuse survivor you must be lobbying for the removal of rape, gore, snuff and other such art as well?

Yes bad people use images like that for bad things but if we got rid of everything you can do bad things with we would live in a vacume. You need to get rid of all kids toys that are vaguely phallic or that vibrate or jiggle in any way, we must eliminate all candy from the earth because pedophiles use that to lure children we must eliminate all dolls especially ones like barbie and definitely the life sized ones. We must require government surveillance of every home with a child and every public rest room, (because that all happens behind closed doors in private).

I feel for your trauma, my wife was abused when she was little but artwork is not to blame.

It's not for the sake of the site, it's to avoid enforcing propper tagging on pictures so that people who wish to filter out certain themes can do so effectively.

They are not banning rape, snuff, gore, blood ext... yet those all have the same implications as cub porn.

I mentioned Rape, gore, blood, snuff ext... in my own comment. It's rediculous. These guys are too lazy to enforce proper tagging.

Nothing wrong with cub it's fictional artwork. What should be the stance on gore, rape, blood, hypnosis, snuff ect... All pretty bad things and much of that stuf is illegal in many places.

I don't see the issue in being extra strict on proper tagging for art and taking appropriate action for those who don't tag properly, then no one has to see it who doesn't like it. The lazy way out is to ban it all together.

No one needs to compete with FA, FA is sinking and before long won't even be relevent anymore.