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All in all I agree with Tartii. Fictional or not Cub PORN = Child Porn.

People can have their cub images in safe G/PG settings but the moment it crosses the threshold of adult content such as sex/rape it should NOT be posted. Go to Inkbunny with it and have fun hiding from the US Feds.

CP shouldn't be allowed on this site. Not only will it give FN a bad name, but a lot of people will be at risk of jail time in the USA just for being on the site and ACCIDENTALLY looking at it. End of story. I don't care about what other countries allow or what individual states allow. This website is based in the US and can be subjected to US federal regulations.

last I checked Cub Porn is the furry equivilent of CHILD Pornography and the latter is illegal to view, have, draw, and otherwise make.

This is not about censorship. This is about legality and allowing all users to be able to be on the site without accidentally breaking a United States Federal Law.