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I know the piece and I have yet to understand why you're using it to compare to cub porn "censorship"

It's like you're trying to compare a work by a famous painter/artist to a furry porn one. That's a faaaaaaaarrrrrrrr reach. In order to love art you have to like cub porn? Is that what you're saying? You're really really trying hard here. I'm 100% sure that no masterpiece is going to come from it.

There's a piece an artist made that was just a vuvla. THAT is regarded as a piece to understand art censorship, not the cub porn you're so despretly trying to defend.

Homosexuality is a sexuality. Pedophilia is not. To compare the two is really grasping at straws. Cub porn is basically child porn, and to see people defending it by using "oh well it's just another fetish" makes me extremely uncomfortable to use this site for my artwork.