Your comments

Maybe not you but some people then others will complain about other forms of art this will lead to everyone threatening to leave FN unless they get their way.

I completely agree because if you ban cub art people wont be satisfied they will try to ban babyfur art and such you cant please everyone the only way would be for the community to just blacklist it and you wont see it.

Community tagging and blacklisting will work since FN has mods they can just enforce tagging

I'm all for not allowing it but im just saying people are overreacting saying its everywhere and everytime they open FN they see it. It should be gone but you shouldn't even see it if your not looking for it since there is so little of it.

It's actually art that involves smaller furs not really child porn what if the characters are just small adults or they got shrinked you cant possibly know that?

Ok I dont like it but im not looking for it with tags and it dosnt even show up on my fresh art page so why is everyone complaining?

Just blacklist it I've looked on the fresh art page for 10 minutes haven't even seen one but i've seen a lot of other porn. So you guys must have seen like only one and freaked out or your searching for it.