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Rape is bad and so is murder. I am just going by what is mostly drawn in the fandom. You don't really see terrorism art in the fandom and rape is extremely rare. It is wrong but enough people know to not do that stuff. Cub Porn is more noticed than that stuff.

Mainly because it is the most immoral stuff that is drawn so far in the fandom and it is a stereotype in the fandom. Yes Rape, Murder, Drug use, kidnapping, terrorism is bad. Those are possibly the lowest drawn and plus if you want to draw your character doing drugs. Some don't care because you are messing yourself up. Not someone else including little kids.

If people speak out against the allowing of cub porn and they don't remove it. a huge majority will leave this site and it will die off. We don't need this site to allow this. It will ruin the fandom more.

This really needs to be removed. We don't need another site giving us a bad name. :/