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There's a difference that people don't seem to realize. There's cub art and then there's pornographic cub art. Cub art, sure that's fine, post til your hearts content. However the pornographic variant.... though it's not real, it still could be classified as child pornography. Which is illegal in the usa, and some other countries. However since it's not illegal in others, it makes it hard to say for sure if it should be posted.

Most people will agree that child porn is disturbing. So unless the characters being drawn are at least of age but look young, then I don't think it should be allowed here. Furries already have a bad enough rep as it is, and yes this will always be a moral debate, until the whole world bans child porn.

In some states in America, you can get in some serious hot water for even being affiliated with a site that says they allow pornographic content such as that.

Basically. FN needs to set the bar for how the community sees us. Keep things simple, don't include any "grey" areas. So that people don't hate the furry community even more. Sure there will always be kinks and fetishes, but that shouldn't be what defines us. Our love of animals and creativity should. I think FN, and any other furry site should reflect this. And since FN's popularity is sky rocketing, it brought it upon itself to set that bar. Just my opinion though

I say it should be banned, as there could be legal matters involved. Just like with child pornography. Unless the description states the character's are of age, just being portrayed as younger