A Number Indicator For Notifications

Jokipanku 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

I've noticed that Notifications, even if the button for it does turn green, can be extremely easy to miss. Especially if someone who's colorblind were to use the site, it would be very easy to miss when they get new notifications, if they're not the type to check notifications every time.

I was thinking of possibly suggesting a counter attached to the Notifications button, much like Twitter or Tumblr, or even facebook, to let people know when they've received notifications more clearly, and how many; condensing the max number show on the counter to 99+ would also be convenient, as to not let the numbers overwhelm the minimalist approach.


Currently, a number appears next to notifications on the home page. 

In addition, the notification button is a light enough color that it acts as a sharp contrast to the darker colors of the website when viewed without color:

I know we've had some issues with notifications appearing for people, and we're going to look closer into that. However, there should be enough visual information currently to show when there are new notifications.